Kung Fu For Families

Kung Fu For Families

At Niagara Kung Fu Academy, we realize that Kung Fu is not just about kicking and punching, but about building confidence and life skills that will benefit our families in every day living.

See what Parents in Niagara Falls, On are saying about our Family Kung Fu program!

Melanie Walker

Niagara Kung Fu Academy has been a saving grace for our family. For the last two years, my children and I have trained in a positive and supportive environment, and have grown immensely; both physically and mentally.

D.T. Smith

Happy Parent
It is not just a great environment for families and individuals, but a community where egos are checked at the door, and a passion for the martial arts and self-improvement is always welcome.

Milo A.

Wonderful school! Our family has seen so many benefits, far beyond the obvious. Great for establishing some awesome core values in children, for gaining self improvement tools, and improving whole health (physical & mental)!

Families that train together become more connected!

Become an active parent and student with your family at Niagara Kung Fu Academy. All of our families are involved in an active and fulfilling environment. Our program benefits families mentally, psychically and spiritually. Try it and you will find a deeper connection with your children with our family Kung Fu program.

Parents, Did You Know?


Many kids are attending Niagara Kung Fu Academy in Niagara Falls, On so they don’t become a statistic.

Stop Bullying

Over 70.6% of Kids See Bullying in School.

At Niagara Kung Fu Academy we work with children teaching the quality life skills in martial arts that delivers great results at home, in school and in the community. Learning how and when to manage bullying is key.

Childhood Abduction

Every 40 seconds in the US, a child is abducted.

We believe in supporting parents with drills and skills that will keep their children safe. From situational awareness to safe self defense we want martial arts to keep them safe.

Childhood Obesity

In the US 1 in 5 children are classified as obese.

Children need our support. We work hand in hand with parents to assure our teens make the right choices. At Niagara Kung Fu Academy we work with each student one on one with support when needed.

Let’s Work Together To Help Your Children In Our Martial Arts Program!

By enrolling your children in an introductory program we can show you and them how we will equip them with the tools to succeed in the real world. It is much more than kicking and punching at our martial arts school located in Niagara Falls, On

Life Changing Areas For Children in Martial Arts

Our school focuses on developing leaders through quality martial arts classes that improve your life in these 3 key areas.



Martial arts training helps to increase focus and concentration. These traits help with better grades and better behavior.



Discipline and following instructions are a large part of martial arts training. This leads to better behavior at home.



Martial arts training helps to build leadership qualities that make for great community members.

A Family-friendly environment with top-notch instructors

Niagara Kung Fu Academy is invested in each and every one of our students. No matter if you are new to our school or a long time member, you will enjoy our full attention and caring.

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3 Benefits That Kids Get From Martial Arts

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Less Social Media Dependence
A Higher Physical Fitness Level
Better Performance in School

Helping to Build Stronger Families

As your kids learn the martial arts at Niagara Kung Fu Academy, they’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits that our classes have to offer. Here are just a few:

  • Better behavior as your kids release pent-up energy
  • Improved listening and concentration skills that lead to better grades in school
  • Stronger muscles and cardiovascular function that leads to improved health
  • Superior coordination, flexibility and balance
  • Leadership skills that set your kid apart from the crowd
  • Anti-bully self-defense techniques for handling peer pressure and tough situations

Flexible Schedules For Your Family

As a full time martial art school, Niagara Kung Fu Academy has a wide range of classes available to fit your hectic schedule. Class times will vary depending on the number of family members and their skill and fitness levels. Every student is assessed privately and confidentially by a Professional Black Belt Instructor to find the best class to fit their needs and schedule.


The Niagara Kung Fu Academy Pre-School Program curriculum is loved by parents from all over. We become your partner in promoting and teaching positive life skills.

Martial arts is a very structured environment that requires children to listen, pay attention and follow instructions. They learn to respect their instructors, adults and authority. The belt ranking system encourages them to strive to achieve and earn respect from their peers.

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