6 Reasons why Martial Arts WITH your kid is the Best Thing you could do for your Family The Most Enjoyable Exercise You Could Imagine Think about when you go the gym. Find your station, plug in your headphones, stick your tablet in front of you, or watch the TV. You’re pretty much trying to Read More

Rule #1 Being nice is about showing respect. We teach young students that respect is treating others the way you would like to be treated. How do we earn respect? By first showing others respect. People fear that people don’t listen or don’t understand them, so they yell louder, or speak more harshly, but that Read More

First of all, WHAT IS A VALUE? When an action reaps a desired consequence, a value is born. For instance, you notice that telling the truth causes people to trust you and has a positive effect on your friendships. This value of “honesty” then becomes important to you, because it carries “value” for you. That Read More

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