First of all, WHAT IS A VALUE? When an action reaps a desired consequence, a value is born. For instance, you notice that telling the truth causes people to trust you and has a positive effect on your friendships. This value of “honesty” then becomes important to you, because it carries “value” for you. That Read More

Imagine you were attending Harvard Law. You wouldn’t be humming and hawing from midterm to midterm, whether or not you were going to follow through to get your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Getting to Black Belt is no different. You begin with the end in mind. People start kung fu because they want to be Read More

parent helping a child with schoolwork

Our Community Resource page is perfect location for all of our community members, martial arts students and our kids karate program parents to visit. From our martial arts News and Events to our Pro-shop we have you covered. Our academy and our professional martial arts staff of instructors completely understand the value of communication. This Read More