It’s a craaaaazy time during this Rona broohaha. It can be very hard to be productive. Covid has made a polarity of people who say things like, “if you didn’t learn a language or write a book or start your online business during the lock down then you didn’t really lack the time, you just Read More

By Sifu Atalick – 9th Generation Master of Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu Kung Fu is not a style of martial art. Kung Fu is a lifestyle. It’s not something you complete; it’s something you do, continually. The Kung Fu practitioner is in a constant state of never ending improvement, not just physically, but Read More

It was Winston Churchill who said “Perfection is the enemy of progress.”. That may seem contradictory to Kung Fu, since we are all striving for perfection, as we should be on our entire journey through life, but what I myself take from the saying is that we must do what we can, when we can, Read More

There’s this weird fad going around about not keeping score because someone’s feelings will get hurt if you keep score, if you have a winner you have a loser. I understand the well intentioned concept with regard to competitive sports, however since I don’t teach competitive sports I’m not really going to comment on it Read More