strike first

Mastering Praying Mantis Kung Fu has been one of the proudest and most important accomplishments of my life. If had to condense 2 decades of training, teaching, and self-discovery into a 20 minute conversation, I would explain the strike first principle, and then let the person on the other end of the conversation unpack it Read More

in school holistic kung fu lessons

One of my most influential mentors, Grand Master Jeff Smith, always says “what gets measured gets done”. In a way, we’re all self-employed. As author and speaker Brian Tracy tells it, we’re all business owners and entrepreneurs already, even if you think you have a normal job and you’re working for someone else. You are Read More

Mу program director, a high ranking Black Sash, had a friend, in her mid-twenties. She didn’t know where she was going. She didn’t have much aim at the time, had no goals, no direction. This friend was interested in Kung Fu though. My program director explained her job, her life style, how she teaches Kung Read More

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In Self-Defence, real self-defence, not combative sports or contests, The Best Defence is not a good offence. The best defence is not being there. A good offence is the second best defence; if you’re not there in the first place there’s nothing to defend against. If the best defence is not being there, then the Read More