I’m a big fan of Dan Sullivan, world class consultant and business coach, especially his Gap and the Gain philosophy. It is well known amongst entrepreneurs, but it is also something that desperately needs to be known and understood by parents. The Gap and the Gain concept is a self measurement tool. It ensures we Read More

sifu holding a sword at the pond

Zig Ziglar used to say that many people are stressed because they are always traveling. To clarify, I don’t mean specifically traveling, I mean mentally travelling. I agree. When they are at work they are thinking about their family… then later when they are with their family, they can’t be totally committed to being with Read More

kung fu self image

When I was about 12 years old, I was not a very active kid. Way too many video games, way too much TV. I was putting on extra weight after I broke my leg in a ski accident and spent early spring in a cast, after that laziness just compiled. This allowed me to ride Read More

Bre with kung fu swords and mental training

…Mental diet is just as important as physical diet in martial arts or any kind of physical training If you successfully committed to a new work out routine; as in, you picked a new activity, got the right clothes, set the alarm or reminder, showed up on time consistently, you would still only be half Read More